Abbot Bronstein, Ph.D.
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Abbot Bronstein is a psychoanalyst in San Francisco and a graduate and faculty member of SFCP (San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis). He is an editorial board member of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and the section editor of the “Analyst at Work” section of the IJP. He is the chair of IPA North America Comparative Clinical Methods Working Party Groups and he is a training and supervising analyst in the IPA. He has published and written papers and presented nationally and internationally. Most recently he has published “The Analyst’s Work” in the IJP and “Mrs. Klein, the contemporary Kleinians and the drives: are they what drive the theory and clinical work,” in the Journal of Contemporary Psychoanalysis. His latest paper, co-authored with Marie Rudden, MD, titled “Transference, Relationship and the Analyst as Object: Qualitative Findings from the North American Comparative Clinical Methods Working Party,” was published in the IJP in spring 2015.

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