Martina Radwan
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Martina Radwan, Director/Producer/Cinematographer, a native German, based in NYC for over twenty years, has been the cinematographer for award-winning features and documentaries for over a decade. “Saving Face,” the 2012 Academy Award Winner for Short Documentary earned her an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography in 2013. Her recent work includes “The Eagle Huntress,” “Watchers of the Sky,” “Through A Lens Darkly and Hot Coffee.” Her directorial debut “Spring in Awe” won the Media Awareness Award at the Media That Matters Film Festival in 2004 and the Best Editing Award at the Brooklyn Film Festival and was part of Thirteen/WNET’s Reel New York the same year. Her second film, “Aliens Among Us,” played theatrical at IDA’s DocuWeek, 2009 and on numerous festivals.

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